Your supplier partner in Santander

Specialized of everything that the ship, its crew and passengers may require during time spent at sea or in port.

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We are a trustworthy partner of the maritime industry meeting the needs of merchant and passenger vessels. With our extensive network of suppliers and our own fully stocked warehouse, we can assume you that you will recieve the very best products and services from us.

SapMarine - supplier partner in Santander
SapMarine - supplier partner in Santander

What services do we offer?

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Provision: Fresh fruits and vegetables

We carry in stock a fully comprehensive range of provisions to suit a wide range of global tastes.

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Bonded stores

We stock a wide variety of tobacco, liquors and confectionery goods. If you can’t find it, ask us, we have it all.

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Deck and engine stores

Our highly trained technical department has an unrivalled reputation.

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Chemical products

We provide chemicals products manufactured primarily for use in the shipping industry

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Stationery, charts and publications

We offer a wide range of nautical publications of all types, from navigation charts to log books.

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Safety and medical supplies

We provide safety supplies, in accordance with the customer needs and requirements.

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Specialized of everything

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We are your supplier partner in Santander. Commited in providing professional services for international ship sale and purchase with expertise in consulting arms of Master mariner and marine technical superintendent providing first class marine technical and commercial services to back up and support clients to achieve the demands. 

Your Supplier Partner in Santander

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Professional services

To provide a fast and professional services to our customers all round the clock 365 days a year.

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Competitive crew

All crew must undergo in-house computer-based training and a practical test before being recruited.

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Trained people

We create HAPPY SHIPS by good communication and understanding of any nationality and cult.

"We know ships demands"

We make use our flexibility and creativity in order to meet all the frequently changing demands of the market. More than 20 years onboard and managerial experience to cater your needs.