Who we are?

SAPMARINE, formerly SUNIMAR S.A, a Ship Chandler established since 1988, located at a strategic place in the Port of Santander making delivery convenient and prompt.

SAPmarine Activity is more than a BUSINESS, our main objective is TRUST and look after the necessities of the Master and Crew and establish solid, lifelong commercial relationship. We are a provision supplier business in Santander. We are specialized of everything that the ship, its crew and passengers may require during time spent at sea or in port. One of our essential role is maintaining maritime trade and shipping enable the whole system to work smoothly. We enable ships of all sizes and characteristics with very different schedules and requirements to be ready for NON-STOP operations.

SapMarine - Provision supplier in Sapntander

We know ships demands!

SAPmarine Ship Supplier business field range from Technical Supply, Provisions, Bonded stores, Laundry for shipping industry combined with our partnership in Mechanical and Electrical Repair shops. One of our priorities is long term customer loyalty based on fair and commercially sound supervisions.

Our provision supplier business in Santander, focus in Quality, Reliability and economic efficiency. In order to optimise the potential of our value and supply chain with more reasonable prices.

Ship supplier business must have many skills to compete strong competition at International level to supply highest quality product at globally competitive prices. Why choose SAPmarine? we make use our flexibility and creativity in order to meet all the frequently changing demands of the market.

Provision Supplier in Santander

Food icon - SapMarine- food provison supplier in Santander

Provision: Fresh fruits and vegetables

We carry in stock a fully comprehensive range of provisions to suit a wide range of global tastes.

Box icon- SapMarine- provison supplier in Santander

Bonded stores

We stock a wide variety of tobacco, liquors and confectionery goods. If you can’t find it, ask us, we have it all.

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Deck and engine stores

Our highly trained technical department has an unrivalled reputation.

Chemical icon - SapMarine- chemical provison supplier in Santander

Chemical products

We provide chemicals products manufactured primarily for use in the shipping industry

Paper icon - - SAPmarine Ship Supplier

Stationery, charts and publications

We offer a wide range of nautical publications of all types, from navigation charts to log books.

helmet and goggles icon - SapMarine- safety supplier in Santander

Safety and medical supplies

We provide safety supplies, in accordance with the customer needs and requirements.

Get in touch with us

You can contact us for any queries on the availability of the products and any other enquiries. We will be happy to assist you!