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Today the marine industry requires qualified personnel with understanding of shipping demands and operations with the ability to recognise and quick reponse to meet market demands. We analyze and understand every detail of customers’ orders before anything else and with our expertise we deal clearly, fast and efficient for clients satisfaction. That’s why we are your best option in terms of Ship Supplier in Santander.

Food - SapMarine - Ship Supplier in Santander


We carry in stock a fully comprehensive range of provisions to suit a wide range of global tastes. Our purpose-built freezers are always fully stocked with quality prime meats, poultry and fish. Fresh fruit and vegetables are bought in daily from local providers to ensure prime quality produce is always supplied. All goods supplied have the best possible expiry dates and our experienced staff are well conversed in catering for specific crew needs and all ethnic requirements on all types and sizes of vessels. All products come to our warehouses from local and reliable partners. You can be sure that all products are of the highest quality.

Alcohol products - Ship Supplier in Santander

Bonded stores

We stock a wide variety of tobacco, liquors and confectionery goods. We are aware that the customers want variety, quality and the possibility to choose among the best brands in the world. If you can’t find it, ask us, we have it all.

Helmet and tools - Ship Supplier in Santander

Deck and engine stores

Our highly trained technical department has an unrivalled reputation in obtaining all your vessels requirements, their expertise and knowledge of Deck, Engine and Cabin stores has for many years assisted ship owners and the local market in obtaining the correct items and spare parts at the most competitive price. Our company has access to the full range of ship products from well-known brands - machine/motor/electric/paint. Our assortment offers goods from the catalog of the IMPA / ISSA store.

Chemical products - SAPmarine Ship Supplier in Santander

Chemical products

We provide chemicals products manufactured primarily for use in the shipping industry that can be used for a variety of applications, including washing tanks and deck superstructures, fuel oil additives, and anti-fouling treatments.

Notebooks and diaries - Ship Supplier in Santander

Publications, Charts and Stationery

In order to sail the seas and reach safe harbour, nautical charts are an essential requirement. If you are looking for nautical supplies for a merchant ship, cruise ship or boat, Sapmarine Europe will offer a wide range of nautical publications of all types, from navigation charts to log books. We also supply stationery items that are a necessity of everyday life on board ship.

Security equipment - Ship Supplier in Santander

Safety and medical supplies

We can provide safety supplies on a continual basis, in accordance with the needs and requirements of the ships we work with. We supply SOLAS approved Safety items, life saving and firefighting equipment, but also can provide equipment including pyrotechnics.

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